Living in the beautiful Adirondacks, I really enjoyed this post. My husband and I have made many changes to our life style and still have some work to do. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. Have a great day get outside and walk.

Cure Cottage Cuisine

Do You Have Green Fatigue?   Image

Chef Cathy Hohmeyer, OTR

Years ago we shined shoes and repaired them. Today, we throw them away and buy a new pair. This equates to more resources, more energy, more utilities, more…..  Yup, too much throw away items on the planet!

OK we know all that and all this “going green stuff” is wonderful.  But geez, doesn’t buying local, buying organic and going green cost more money?

And how do I know that the changes I make will actualy have an impact?

Education and understanding can be key factors in knowing how and where you can make more responsible decisions.

Make it a goal to understand how to change habits or products that keep you at the same level of expenditures or even save you money in the long run, so spending more money does not even have to be an issue.

Here’s a…

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